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1821 Publication of De Quincey's book, Confessions of an English Opium Eater, the first personal addiction story.
1898 Heroin first marketed by Bayer Company as a 'non-addictive drug' and a 'cure for morphinism'.
1918 to 1933 Eighteenth Amendment. US 'prohibition' period.
1935 Founding of A.A. in Ohio, USA, by Bill W and Dr Bob.
1953 Publication of Junkie by William S. Burroughs.
1953 Banning of heroin in Australia (against medical advice).
1961 The Single Convention of UN consolidated bans on non-medical use of heroin and opium in signatory countries.
1964 Royal College of Physicians report blames tobacco for lung cancer.
1965 First R&R personnel come to Sydney from Vietnam.
1965 Dole's report on success of methadone treatment.
1969 First Australian patients treated with methadone.
1980 First cases of HIV/AIDS recognised.
1985 Harm minimization and methadone adopted by Australian Special Premiers Conference in strategy against HIV.
1990 Hepatitis C becomes major concern amongst drug users.
1993 Study of 150 NSW heroin related deaths shows that only 2% were currently enrolled in methadone treatment.
1995 Northern Territory becomes third jurisdiction (after ACT and SA) to decriminalise personal use of cannabis.
1996 Tobacco accepted as addictive by US President Clinton.
1996 Over 17,000 Australians on methadone treatment in all jurisdictions except Northern Territory.
1996 Over 18,000 Australians die from tobacco related illnesses.
While every care has been taken to ensure that the content of this book is accurate, the author and publisher do not accept legal liability for any problems arising from the implementation of the various treatment strategies outlined therein. The high mortality amongst street heroin users means that deaths are occasionally encountered in this field. The aim of this work is to assist family members and others to ease the suffering of those affected by heroin addiction.
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